Nova Linked


NOVALinked™ is a networking system that provides complete control of NOVA’s Trolley E & EXL monitor lifts in any application. Utilizing a Crestron, Extron, AMX or other major brand controller, or NOVA’s Independent switching interface, you can control all Trolley™ monitor lifts simultaneously.

Turning the NOVALinked™ system “ON” links all Trolley™ monitor lifts together allowing for master control. This allows the Trolley™ monitor lifts to be raised or lowered simultaneously from one central location while also deactivating the up and down buttons for individual use. This gives added security to the computer monitor when the Trolley™ monitor lift is in the lowered position.

Turning the NOVALinked™ system “OFF” deactivates the master control while giving control back to each individual user to raise or lower their own Trolley™ monitor lift.

Available with “Wired” or “Wireless” components, NOVALinked™ is easy to install in new and existing environments.

Note: NOVALinked™ works exclusively with NOVA’s Trolley™ E or EXL monitor lifts. Learn More About NOVALinked