Healthcare Furniture

Training Furniture

NOVA covers healthcare with corporate office furniture, reception area solutions, and training/testing room options.

Protect Patient Privacy

Since updated HIPAA laws, that ensure patient confidentiality and security, went into effect a few years ago, NOVA has been on the forefront of providing secure ways for medical professionals to view patient information via computer without revealing the display to unauthorized viewers.  Additionally, NOVA provides furniture solutions for staff offices, training and testing.

The uniqueness of NOVA’s furniture offerings and privacy enhancements lies within our Visual Display Options available in all of our product lines.

Integrating Technology

downview heathcare furnitureDownview™ Visual Display

The Downview™ Visual Display Option recesses the computer beneath the work surface at an ergonomically acceptable angle.  Users look downward, through a tinted-tempered glass viewport, to view their computer screens.  This places the body in a natural position that relieves muscle stress and reduces fatigue.  In the healthcare setting it provides an added measure of security since the data is not easily readable by passers by.

trolley healthcare furnitureTrolley™ Monitor Lift 

The Trolley™ monitor lift solution raises or lowers the computer screen from beneath the desktop with the push of a button.  This makes it easy to remove confidential data from sight with the press of a button without having to completely shut down the CPU.



Enhance Training Centers

The Downview™ and The Trolley™ monitor lift also provide benefits in training and testing facilities.  Combine one or the other with our study/testing carrels and create a private nook for confidential test taking or the viewing of sensitive data.  Retrofit kits are available to incorporate either of these Visual Display Options into existing furniture or custom cabinetry.