Company History

How It All Began

johnlechman webJohn Lechman (pictured), co-founder of a kitchen cabinet company in Denver, Colorado, discovered a unique computer desk concept at an office furniture trade show in Chicago, IL. All of the computer hardware was contained beneath the work surface with the monitor positioned at an angle beneath the desktop. This desk was invented by Ed Schairbaum of Ft. Worth, Texas.

Working with Schairbaum’s original concept, Lechman secured the rights to produce the product in wood — purchasing the parts and materials from an Effingham, Illinois based company. Production began on the new line of wood computer furniture in Denver, Colorado in 1988. Lechman began selling the product to corporate offices across the United States and Canada. Soon after, users began to report experiencing less neck and eye discomfort after using the new desk technology. The “Downward Gaze™” angle was in fact, a viable, ergonomic solution that helped to alleviate many of the physical problems experienced by computer users who had previously used standard desks with the monitor placed on top of the work surface.

In 1990, Lechman moved the operation to Effingham, Illinois. In 1995 the company changed its name from Nova Office Furniture to NOVA Solutions, Inc. The new name better reflected the company’s quest to provide technology solutions for computer users and not just furniture.