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Features NOVA's Computer Training Desks with Downview™ and iMod™ Wire Management Compartment

This install took advantage of NOVA's revolutionary computer training desks with the Downview™ Visual Display option. This visual display option allows the user to be viewing the monitor in a natural downward gaze. It exhibits a similar gaze as if someone were reading a book. It also allows the user to maximize the amount of worksurface space by tucking the monitor away. NOVA's Downview™ option improves the connection and experience between the audience and speaker. Having less distractions on top of the worksurface really optimizes eye contact and undivided attention.  These computer training desks are one of NOVA'S classic go-to products and have been popular since they were launched in 1988.

Just as these do, all of NOVA's computer training desks include our iMod™ Wire Management Compartment System. This system is perfect for organizing and concealing wires. It comes with a power strip and a removable modesty panel. The removable modesty panel provides quick and convenient access while providing protection to the electrical and computer equipment. The space-saving Downview™ houses the monitor beneath the tinted tempered glass.

Finishes shown: Laminate Worksurface Color (044) Grey Nebula and Laminate Base Color (227) Fashion Grey

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Finishes Used

Fashion Grey (227 )
Grey Nebula (044 )