What our customers are saying about us...

"My interest in this type of product was having the flexibility to convert from a fully operational computer lab to a typical classroom and it has significantly improved our ability to do just that"

Richard Flores at the New Orleans, Army Corp. of Engineers

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"With the NOVA desks and monitor lifts we can change our classroom from a computer lab to a conventional classroom and then back again as needed, saving time, effort, space, and most important of all - money!  With the NOVA desks and monitor lifts my classroom can change as fast as the technology we teach."


Terry Sparks, Automotive Technology Instructor

TN Technology Center at Livingston

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"The new computer desks and podium from NOVA have brought new excitement to my students and transformed my classroom into a 21st century classroom equipped with the latest in technology. The desks have made it possible for each student in the program to have a dedicated computer station as well as a work area.  By using this type of computer desk, we have increased the number of students that can have access to computer assisted training at any given time."


Tom Spohnholtz, Electronics Technology Instructor

TN Technology Center at Livingston

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"What an amazing transformation our Automotive Technology and Electronics Technology classrooms have undergone the past couple of months-from traditional to high-tech, the change is amazing.   I am so pleased with the quality, the cost, the usability, the stylish look,  and the  versatility of the new NOVA desks.  Every student now has their own work space and with a push of a button the ability to change from a traditional classroom to a computer lab.  The NOVA furniture has provided us with the flexibility we needed when money and space was limited."


Ralph E. Robbins, Director

TN Technology Center at Livingston

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"I introduced the NOVA Table solution to Rose State College for the Allied Health Science Center, because of their need to compete with their student's education and way of learning. This building is a teaching facility and they planned to have several computer labs.  The building wasn’t your 'standard' college facility.  They really wanted to show off what their college has to offer and step up to the plate on the facility and how students learn.  This facility is full of bright colors, fun places to work on projects, and great classroom atmospheres.  NOVA Solutions was a perfect fit!"

Sarah Slifer, Sales Consultant

Workplace Resource of Oklahoma City

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"I wanted to extend our appreciation to you for helping us create by far one of the most impressive instructional labs I have ever seen.  In addition, today when classes resume I truly believe that the students and faculty will be extremely satisfied to have the opportunity to utilize this state of the art facility."

C.J. DeJuliis

Desktop Support Specialist/Coordinator

Information Technology Services

California University of PA

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"After setting up student labs, using various configurations and furniture vendors, we solicited student comments.  The consensus of student opinion led us to standardize our labs on the NOVA line.   Students love the usable work space, and we are impressed with our return on investment.  NOVA products are intelligently designed, take abuse, and provide a cost-effective solution for our PC labs."                         

Dennis Gendron

Tennessee State University - Nashville, TN

"The Electric Boat Corporation (EBC) installs Electronic Classrooms for many customers, including the United States Navy’s submarine technical training.  These customers demand products of superior and consistent quality that meet exact specifications.  After working with several vendors of electronic classroom furniture, the EBC has chosen NOVA's product for their incomparable product and outstanding customer service."                   

Tom Risom, Engineering Supervisor

General Dynamics/EBC - Connecticut

"After NOVA’s patented technology was installed in our training facility the classrooms became multipurpose rooms.  It gives us a clean, uncluttered workspace that is flexible, comfortable and easy to manage in any work and training environment.  Our on-base institutions are extremely delighted with the Nova workstations and our students simply love them."                      

Samuel Dairyko CIV 20  MSS/DPE

Shaw AFB - South Carolina

"The NOVA desks installed in our training facility have created a focused learning environment allowing instructor and trainees to maintain eye contact, which enhances participation and communication.  The professional look of the classroom is never compromised, and documents on the screen remain private."                       

Velmo Holm GS-11   49 MSS/DPE

Holloman AFB - New Mexico

"I’m really enjoying my new NOVA desk.  It’s good looking, sturdy and user friendly.  Plus, NOVA’s smart, accommodating people helped me make the right decision.  The computer screen angle is easy on the neck and it took no time at all to get used to it."              

Alan Kalter, Announcer

The Late Show with David Letterman - New York, NY

"The University is very happy with the application and appearance of NOVA's workstations.  The recessed monitors allow for direct eye contact and facilitates communication between students and teachers.  NOVA also provides us with a multipurpose classroom environment that looks state-of-the-art."

Dallas Kenny, PHD

Wayne State University – Detroit, MI

"NOVA Solutions’ products are excellent furniture for maximizing available space.  The desks we purchased allow for easier desktop accessibility and are of superior quality."                              

David R. Lloyd, District Clerk

Johnson County - Texas

"We really enjoy the NOVA products in our training room. The desks have enhanced the comfort level and efficiency of the room. Having the monitors under the work surface provides us with the multipurpose room that we need."    

Holly A. Dewar, VP Training

Hill & Wilkinson, Ltd. – Plano, TX

"I am happy with the fine quality of NOVA’s products. There is open communication and eye contact in training rooms with NOVA desks, since the monitor is below the work surface. NOVA also offers great style and color selections. The employees at NOVA were helpful and provided me with excellent customer service."            

Anna Lennox

Pangborn Design - Detroit, MI

"NOVA enables the classroom to be used in multiple facets.  The cabling is not everywhere, it's all underneath."           

Jim Williams

Citrus College – Glendora, CA