With Nova's Downview™ display option, you can view the monitor with a natural downward gaze, similar to the natural position you would be in if you were reading a book.


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In 1988, NOVA introduced a revolutionary new classroom furniture design which recessed a computer monitor below the worksurface. By doing so, the user could now view the monitor with a natural downward gaze, similar to the natural position someone would be in if they were reading a book. With a computer monitor below the work surface, the line of sight between students and instructor improved while also maximizing workspace. This new design would revolutionize the classroom environment globally.

The revolutionary and space-saving Downview™ houses your monitor beneath a tinted tempered glass viewport and utilizes an adjustable monitor arm to secure the monitor below the worksurface. Optional Privacy / Glare Visor is available for added privacy and to help reduce any glare from overhead lighting. 

Nova Downview Display Option

Downview Display with optional Privacy/Glare Visor.


16" x 21" Downview

18" x 21" Downview

21" x 24" Downview

Maximum Monitor Dimensions

20-1/8" W x 12-1/2" H

Up to 21" Widescreen 

20-1/8" W x 14-1/2" H

Up to 21" Widescreen

23-1/8" W x 19" H

Up to 24" Widescreen

Minimum Worksurface Depth




Maximum Monitor Weight

21 lbs.

Replacement Glass Available 


Power Strip Included


Available as a Retrofit Kit


Privacy / Glare Visor 


Availability in NOVA Furniture

Available in most NOVA furniture*

*Some restrictions apply


100mm VESA Plate


5 Year Limited Warranty


Products that have the Downview™ Display Option

NOVA's Downview™ display is available in a wide variety of our lecterns, podiums, computer desks, and computer tables. With our retrofit kits, you can add a Downview™ display to existing desks and lecterns.