Department of Veterans Affairs – St. Petersburg, FL

Department of Veterans Affairs – St. Petersburg, FL
140 Fountain Pkwy
St. Petersburg, FL 33716
United States


Colors/Finishes Used

Department of Veterans Affairs – St. Petersburg, FL

The Department of Veteran Affairs located in St. Petersburg, Florida had a very successful installation featuring  NOVA’s Computer Training Desks with Dual Trolley™ Monitor Lifts and iMod™ Wire Management System. These Computer desks are special because although they are single-user desks, they have a dual Trolley™ Monitor Lift Visual Display Option on them. The Trolley™ option gives the user so much more space to work with. When the monitors are not in use, they can be tucked away to maximize the workspace on the surface of the desks. There is a low voltage electric motor that lowers and raises the monitors. They are the ideal solution for today's digital learning environments and can fit any room layout. The DualTrolley™ Monitor Lift Computer Training Desks offer an advantage that most desks cannot offer, which is exactly what this project had been searching for.

NOVA's Computer Training Desks with Dual Trolley™ Monitor Lift Features the iMod™ Wire Management System, which consists of a compartment on the backside of the unit. Keeping the wires put away and discrete makes the workspace look much neater and put together. This system conceals, organizes, and protects those pesky wires. There is a removable modesty panel, that comes in either perforated metal or laminate to provide easy access as well as protection for the computer and or electrical equipment. A multi-plug power strip is included as well. 

These desks also have NOVA's notorious Keyboard and Mouse Drawers including five locking positions and a built-in wrist rest providing the most comfort. The Intelligent Motion Technology protects the unit from accidental damage and potential vandalism by constantly monitoring the operational status. The patented access doors automatically open and close with push-button activation.