Metropolitan Community College
3200 Broadway Blvd
Kansas City, MO 64111
United States

Colors/Finishes Used

Metropolitan Community College

This installation at the Metropolitan Community College features NOVA’s Four Person Keystone Collaboration Table w/ Trolley™ monitor lifts. It was the perfect fit for them to accommodate today's digital learning environment. These tables are the perfect solution for students to come together and collaborate their work together while offering space-saving options to cut out any distractions within the group. Adding the Trolley™ Monitor Lift Visual Display Option also allows them to work individually when the monitors are up. They can work side-by-side separately and put the monitors down when they are ready for a discussion. Tables such as these are becoming more common as ever as educational facilities are trying to enhance student collaboration. NOVA's Keystone Collaboration Tables bring a unique and sleek look to the classroom as they are angled for each user to be faced the speaker or professor. Like many NOVA products, this one also features our iMod™ Wire Management System. This is an amazing feature used to organize and stow away those pesky computer wires. Not only does it tuck them away in a compartment located in the center of each collaboration table, but it also protects them and keeps them organized.