Neumann University

Neumann University
1 Nuemann Dr
Aston, PA 19014
United States

  • Curved Trolley™ Monitor Lift Desks
  • iMod™ Wire Management Compartment
  • Removable Perforated Metal Modesty panels

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Neumann University

This installation at Neumann University features NOVA’s Curved Computer Desks. This project chose to go with the  Trolley™ Monitor Lift Visual Display option, which was a great choice. NOVA's  Curved Computer Desks here also feature our famous  iMod™ Wire Management Compartment and Removable Perforated Metal Modesty panels. Also shown for this project is NOVA’s Curved Top Lectern with a flip-up shelf. The curve in the desks makes it perfect for accommodating any shape or layout of a room, which is exactly what  Neumann University took advantage of. Not only are these desks the perfect solution to fit a room, but also to encourage healthy collaboration with others. The way they are curved promotes the students to work with one another. Adding the Trolley™ Visual Display Option goes hand and hand with today's need for a digital learning environment while not cluttering the workspace. Being able to stow away the monitor when needed is a game-changer and cuts out distractions. Being able to get rid of distractions strengthens the connection between the speaker and audience for their undivided attention. The cherry on top for this product is our iMod™ Wire Management Compartment. This protects and hides those computer wires. It keeps them organized and stored in a compartment on the backside of the unit.