Split Top Computer Training Desks

Discover the ultimate in workspace organization and comfort with Nova Solutions' Split Top Desks, featuring innovative configurations that optimize productivity while offering an unobstructed work surface.

  • Split Top 10" Rear Shelf
  • Split Top 10" Rear Shelf w/ SMA Arm
  • Split Top 6" Rear Shelf
  • Split Top 10" Rear Shelf
  • Split Top 6" Rear Shelf
  • Split Top 10" Rear Shelf
  • Split Top 6" Rear Shelf
  • Split Top 10" Rear Shelf
  • Split Top 6" Rear Shelf
  • SplitTopSingle10-PC-FL
  • SplitTopSingle10SMA-FL
  • SplitTopSingle10SMA-RR
  • SplitTopSingle06-FL
  • SplitTopSingle10-FL
  • SplitTopSingle06-FR
  • SplitTopSingle10-FR
  • SplitTopSingle06-RR
  • SplitTopSingle10-RR
  • SplitTopSingle06-RL
  • SplitTopSingle10-RL


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Split top desks from Nova Solutions offer a smart and practical solution for optimizing workspace efficiency. Available in two configurations – with either a 6" or 10" rear shelf – these desks ensure an unobstructed work surface. Placing the monitor on the rear shelf not only frees up valuable desk space but also promotes better ergonomics, reducing neck strain and enhancing overall comfort during extended work sessions. Nova's Split Top Desks are designed to enhance productivity and streamline workflows, making them an ideal choice for modern offices, educational institutions, and home workspaces alike.


Improved Ergonomics: Placing the monitor on the rear shelf promotes better posture by positioning it at eye level, reducing strain on the neck and shoulders during prolonged use.
Flexible Configurations: With options for both 6" and 10" rear shelves, users can choose the configuration that best suits their storage needs and workspace layout.
Streamlined Workflow: The split top design allows for seamless multitasking, with monitors and documents easily accessible on the rear shelf while leaving ample room for writing or other tasks on the main surface.
Modern Aesthetics: Nova Solutions' Split Top Desks offer a sleek and contemporary look, enhancing the visual appeal of any workspace while maintaining functionality and efficiency.

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