Computer Training Tables - Articulating Surface Mount Arm

Experience unparalleled flexibility and functionality with Nova Solutions' Articulating Surface Mount Arm, designed to optimize your workspace ergonomics and enhance productivity.


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Nova Solutions' Articulating Surface Mount Arm represents the pinnacle of ergonomic design and functionality in modern workspaces. Engineered to provide unparalleled flexibility and versatility, this innovative solution offers users the freedom to adjust their monitors to optimal viewing angles and positions. Whether used in offices, classrooms, or home environments, the Articulating Surface Mount Arm enhances comfort and productivity by promoting a healthier and more ergonomic workstation setup. With its smooth articulation and intuitive adjustment mechanisms, users can easily customize their monitor setup to suit their preferences, reducing strain on the neck, shoulders, and eyes during prolonged computer use. Elevate your workspace experience with Nova Solutions' Articulating Surface Mount Arm, where ergonomics meets innovation for a more comfortable and productive workday.


Versatile Adjustability: Nova Solutions' Articulating Surface Mount Arm provides users with a wide range of adjustment options, including height, tilt, swivel, and rotation, allowing for precise customization to meet individual ergonomic needs and preferences.
Smooth Articulation: With its precision-engineered articulating design, the mount arm offers smooth and effortless movement, ensuring seamless adjustment and positioning of monitors for optimal viewing angles and comfort.
Integrated Cable Management: Designed with integrated cable management features, the mount arm keeps cables organized and out of sight, promoting a clean and clutter-free workspace while minimizing tripping hazards and maintaining a professional aesthetic.
Enhanced Monitor Compatibility: The mount arm is compatible with a variety of monitors, supporting most VESA mountable displays up to a specified size and weight capacity, ensuring versatility and flexibility in monitor selection and setup.
Easy Installation: Designed for easy installation and setup, the mount arm comes with comprehensive instructions and mounting hardware, facilitating a hassle-free installation process and minimizing downtime during setup.
Professional Appearance: With its sleek and modern design, the mount arm adds a professional touch to any workspace, enhancing the overall aesthetics and creating a more polished and organized environment for users.

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