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In 1988, NOVA introduced a groundbreaking classroom furniture concept by embedding a computer monitor beneath the worksurface, allowing users to view it with a natural downward gaze akin to reading a book, which significantly improved the line of sight between students and instructors while maximizing workspace. This innovative design would go on to transform classroom environments worldwide.


Ergonomic Viewing: Enjoy a natural downward gaze with the recessed monitor design, reducing neck strain and enhancing comfort during computer use for both single and double user configurations.
Enhanced Classroom Communication: Improve engagement between students and instructors with optimized line of sight, fostering better communication in educational settings, available in single or double user setups.
Maximized Workspace: Benefit from increased table space as the monitor remains concealed beneath the worksurface, allowing for efficient organization and productivity in both single and double user configurations.
Global Adoption: Embrace this pioneering concept in classrooms worldwide, revolutionizing the integration of technology in education, available in single and double user options to cater to diverse learning environments.

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