Computer Training Tables - Surface Mount Arm

Discover unparalleled flexibility and comfort with Nova Solutions' Surface Mount Arm, revolutionizing your workspace ergonomics and productivity.


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The Surface Mount Arm from Nova Solutions embodies a commitment to ergonomic excellence and workspace efficiency. With its sleek design and versatile functionality, this innovative solution offers a range of benefits for users seeking improved comfort and productivity. By allowing monitors to be positioned at optimal viewing angles, the Surface Mount Arm reduces neck strain and eye fatigue, promoting a healthier and more comfortable computing experience. Its adjustable height and positioning capabilities provide flexibility to customize monitor placement according to individual preferences, while integrated cable management keeps workspaces neat and organized. Whether used in offices, classrooms, or home environments, the Surface Mount Arm enhances workstation ergonomics, streamlines workflow, and elevates the overall user experience.


Configurations: Available in both single user and double user configurations, catering to various workspace needs and accommodating different user requirements.
Height and Tilt Adjustment: The table offers customizable height and tilt adjustment features, allowing users to fine-tune the workspace ergonomics to their preferences for optimal comfort and productivity.
Enhanced Visibility: With the ability to adjust to its lowest level, the table significantly improves the line of sight, ensuring clear visibility and facilitating effective communication in collaborative settings.
Monitor Compatibility: Designed to support most widescreen monitors weighing up to 21 lbs, the table provides versatility and compatibility with a wide range of display devices.
Integrated iMod™ System: Featuring an iMod™ system complete with a multi-plug power strip and wire management channel, the table promotes a clutter-free and organized workspace, enhancing efficiency and aesthetics.
Convenient CPU Holder: Positioned conveniently to the right of the user, the CPU holder ensures easy access to the computer tower, optimizing workflow and minimizing clutter on the desk surface.
NOVA Keyboard and Mouse Drawer: Equipped with a NOVA keyboard and mouse drawer featuring 5 locking positions and a built-in wrist rest, the table offers ultimate comfort and ergonomic support during extended use.
Assembly and Manufacturing: While some assembly is required, the table is proudly manufactured in the USA, ensuring high-quality craftsmanship and adherence to stringent manufacturing standards.

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