Podium with Angled Top and Privacy Sides


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Podium with Angled Top & Privacy Sides

NOVA's innovational Podium with Angled Top and Privacy Sides is assured to grab the attention of your audience. It is vital in any public speaking event for the speaker to be the center of attention while having control of the room. Our product is sure to do the trick with its sleek design and perfectly angled top.

NOVA's Podium with Angled Top and Privacy Sides comes standard with a pencil lip and a fixed shelf. The shelf is the perfect space for hidden storage from the audience for any presentation accessory. The privacy sides provide security as well as privacy to the speaker to allow them the ultimate experience. If the podium is being used in an environment with customers, it is the natural solution for the employee to be able to protect information and useful data from the consumer during an interaction. 


  • 1 fixed shelf
  • Pencil Lip