Sit/Stand AV Lectern - Downview™

  • 66-SSP305934LX-FPA2124NK_FL_peripheral
  • 66-HA305330LX-FPA2124NK_FL_peripherals_closed
  • 66-HA306230LD-FPA2124NK_FL_peripherals_closed
  • 66-SSP306834LD-FPA2124NK_FL_peripheral
  • 66-SS305730LX-FPA2124NK_FL_peripheral
  • 66-SSP305934LX-FPA2124NK_FL_peripheral_closed
  • 66-SSP306834LD-FPA2124NK_FLperipheral_closed
  • 66-SS306530LD-FPA2124NK_FL_peripheral


Files contain information for all product variations.

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The ADA Compliant Lectern 

In 1988, NOVA launched a revolutionary new classroom furniture design that recessed a computer monitor below the worksurface. By doing so, the user could now view the monitor with a natural downward gaze similar to the natural position someone would be in if they were reading a book. With the monitor below the work surface, the line of sight between students and instructor was improved while also maximizing workspace. This new design would revolutionize the classroom environment globally.

NOVA’s ADA-compliant Sit/Stand Lecterns with Downview™ Visual Display Option and Rack Rail Storage for AV, multimedia, and room control systems is ideal for use in classrooms, auditoriums, lecture halls, convention centers, and more.


  • Keeps monitor protected under tinted tempered glass below the work surface
  • Supports most VESA mountable monitors up to 24”
  • Electrically height adjustable from 30” H up to 42” H
  • Lift capacity up to 550 lbs
  • 12 RU rack rail storage in a right compartment with Front and Rear rack rails
  • Locking front access door
  • Product Ships Fully Assembled