Illinois National Guard


This installation with the Illinois National Guard features NOVA’s Computer Training Desks with Trolley™ Monitor Lifts and  iMod™ Wire Management Compartment. NOVA's Computer Training Desks with Trolley™ Monitor Lift Visual Display Option is the perfect solution for today's digital learning environments. These are ideal being able to tuck away the monitor at different times saves space for working. It is a secure way to make sure the monitor is protected while not in use. The Trolley™ Monitor Lift option also improves the relationship between the speaker and the audience by providing fewer distractions on top of the workspace. 

NOVA's Computer Training Desks also feature our magnificent iMod™ Wire Management System. This component organizes and conceals those troublesome computer wires. There is a compartment located at the backside of the unit. Also, there is a removable modesty panel. This project decided to make that panel perforated metal, but it is also available in laminate. The panel is conve4inant because it allows for easy access to the computer and electrical equipment. The iMod includes a multi-plug power strip. This project went with single user Computer Training desks, but there is also the option for double user. The CPU shelf is located to the right of each user. 

Finishes shown: Laminate Worksurface Color (567) Wild Cherry, Laminate Base Color (174) Black, and Metal Color Polished Black (PBL).

Finishes Used

Wild Cherry (567 )
Black (174 )
Polished Black (PBL )


IL Army National Guard Recruiting
1301 N MacArthur Blvd
Springfield, IL 62702
United States