Computer Training Desks - Trolley™ Monitor Lift

Elevate your workspace experience with Nova Solutions' innovative Trolley™ Monitor Lift, revolutionizing how monitors are seamlessly integrated into modern desks.


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The Trolley™ Monitor Lift offers unparalleled convenience and efficiency in educational and professional environments. With its innovative design, the monitor seamlessly conceals under the worksurface when not in use, providing a clutter-free workspace and maximizing surface area for other tasks. Moreover, when combined with the optional NovaLinked™ system, instructors gain the ability to effortlessly raise and lower all monitors with a single push of a button, streamlining presentations and enhancing classroom dynamics. Experience the ultimate in functionality and versatility with The Trolley™ Monitor Lift, revolutionizing the way technology is integrated into modern workspaces.


Efficient Workspace Utilization: Computer Training Desks with Trolley Monitor Lifts maximize desk space by seamlessly integrating a monitor lift system, available in single or double user configurations for tailored workspace setups.
Convenient Access and Storage: Featuring a patented access door with push-button activation, the Trolley Monitor Lift allows for effortless raising and lowering of monitors, which submerge into the desktop when not in use, maintaining a sleek and clutter-free workspace.
Enhanced Durability and Safety: Equipped with Low Voltage electrical motors and Intelligent Motion Technology™, the Trolley Monitor Lift ensures reliable operation while protecting against accidental damage or vandalism, providing peace of mind in busy environments.
Versatile Monitor Compatibility: Supporting most VESA mountable monitors up to 24", these desks offer flexibility for users to customize their setup with preferred monitor sizes and brands. (Can handle up to 21lb monitor)

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